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Our boob tape is transparent, made up of medical-grade plastic. It is designed for sensitive and soft skin, does not cause any skin rash or skin irritation. Our boob tape can be used by all bust sizes. Its prime purpose is to lift the saggy, flat, and separated bust.

Features of Our boob tape:

Here are some important features of our boob tape which you should know:

  • It is made up of medical-grade plastic.
  • It has hypoallergenic properties which is safe for skin.
  • Convenient to use and remove from the bust.
  • Breathable and soft.

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Boob Tape

Our boob tape will give your feminine self-esteem when you will wear it under your red carpet, wedding gowns. It helps give deeper cleavage to boost your feminine look.

Instructions to use:

Following are a few instructions which will help you use our boob tape easily:

  • You will need a sharp scissor to cut boob tape according to your desired size.
  • It has a paper at its back which you have to peel initially.
  • You will have to start from the base of your bust till your shoulder to get a good lift and deeper cleavage.
  • Our boob tape also has a pink side, peel it off once you have adjusted it according to your size.
  • Once you are satisfied with the shape then peel off the pinkish side to get better adhesion.
  • You can repeatedly apply our boob tape till you get your desired shape.

Tips and tricks to use boob tape:

  • Clean and dry your skin.
  • Do not apply any lotion or cream.
  • Use a mirror for better fitting.
  • Simply peel off the paper and stick it at base of your every bust.
  • Then lift it up according to your demand, once you feel you got the perfect angle then peel off the pinkish cover and stick it.
  • You can attach it multiple times to get the perfect look.

It can be used for all sizes from A to H. it comes in various colors too. It is waterproof, to remove it just use warm water this will prevent damaging your skin and will also help peel off the tape easily. If you are pregnant, lactating mother, or have damaged skin or acne then use this tape with caution or with your doctor’s suggestion only.

Aim of our boob tape is to provide you comfort to wear any dress you want to. It will ensure safety and will make you look beautiful.

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